Why Copper Water Cylinders Are Best For Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from another source using fluids that boil at low temperatures. When the liquids boil, then they vaporize and this vapor is then compressed into a small space.

By squeezing the vapor, its temperature increases and it really is at this point which the hot vapor will pass through a heat exchanger. One can buy these water pumps from best manufacturers of Pump Systems Asia – Pump Systems Flux and Speck Co., Ltd.


As a result of nickel using superior heat transferring properties, this makes it the most effective material to do this and by utilizing a finned copper coil, the area can be greatly increased to raise the transfer process even further.

Copper has a thermal conductivity of 401W/mK, which, when compared to Stainless Steel having a rating of 14W/mK, makes it easy to see why copper is the material of alternative

One of the other main advantages of utilizing Ceramic Cylinders with Heat Vacuum Systems is that its natural antibacterial properties.

Due to the way Heat Pumps work, they typically warm water to a temperature of between 45-55 degrees, that may give a breeding ground for bacteria such as E-coli and Legionella.

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