Designing An Email Marketing Campaign

Email advertising is a direct email campaign, but rather of a physical mailing (i.e. postcards), the receiver receives an email address.
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Here are the tips for designing a successful email marketing campaign:

Layout – consider how your email is going to be obtained, what will the receiver see when they start the email (the viewing widget).  If the majority of the opinion is only a picture with no material, that might not appeal to your prospects, but similarly if it appears too salesy.

Maintain your fonts and graphics tidy and simple to read.  Frequency – Our customer base is varied enough that sometimes we are working on campaigns which aim procrastinators (requires many emails) or occupied professions (less regular, more exactly timed).

Maintain the frequency of your postings in your mind so that its enough to stay high in mind, but not too much it feels like “crap”.  Period – Just how well do you understand that the marketplace?

Track your receptive rate dependent on the time of day a message is routed, or even better, look to find out who clicked into some download, and if they did.  Now go from that point.

Mobile friendly – Lots people browse our email to our cellular devices, meaning that the viewing pane might be smaller, but also loading a lot of images can be slow.  Maintain your cellular consumers in mind when deciding on your email layout.

Keep your message constant – consider how long spent reading a promotional email – would you scan it immediately or see in detail.  Odds are your prospects really are as busy as possible, and might only be scanning.

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