Whatsapp Features – How about changing the text format?

In this post I’m going to illustrate the topic of in Whatsapp how about changing the text format?  I can change the format of the text to bold, Italics or strike through. To make it bold , put a as terik before or after the sentence. To make it italic, put an underscore before or after the sentence and if you want to strike through a sentence or a word, put a tilde symbol before and after, Well apart from this you can also change the font size for that Go back to the home screen and settings chats and you will see this place to change the font size from small, medium to large. Additionally, go to this website and take your prepared phone wallpapers to update on your whatsapp screen or phone screen.

Second feature that i am going to talk about is turning off auto download, for that go back to settings, data usage and you will see media auto download option there for mobile data and wifi. I am un checking this, also doing the same for – when connected to wi-fi. This has got two benefits, first it saves on data cost, second your internal storage of device gets used only for the content that you actually download. You have sent a message to the group and you want to see who all have read it, for that do a long press on the message and then tap on this info icon on the top – i and this is the information that the message is delivered to these recipients and it's read by only one person.

There is an option to hide your blue ticks for that go back , settings, Account, Privacy and uncheck this box read receipt. So other people will not be able to see when have you actually read the message. If you are moving whatsApp from one device to another, you will need chat backup the most, for that go to settings, you will see chats there and under chats – chat backup. This allows for taking chats Backup on Google Drive. All that you will need is Google drive app on your device. simply tap on backup. This will take some time depending upon the data speed and the content that you want to backup.

For curiosity if you want to know where is this backup stored, for that go to Google drive, Tap on this cog wheel on the right, settings, manage apps from the left, scroll down and you will see whatsapp messenger, this is the backup file. Some interesting galaxy images you can get it from this site.



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