6 Use Of Technology In A Wedding

The wedding is a special occasion for a man and a woman who are about to enter a new phase of life. The day is indeed unforgettable for the couple and their loved ones. The whole family is on their toes to embrace this special moment with joy and sheer enthusiasm. Indeed they want every aspect of the wedding to be special and different. Every detailing right from choosing the right bridal attire, perfect wedding reception venue to best catering system is carefully inspected and chosen. With the passage of time, new technologies have paved ways for innovation and new techniques in almost everything a man does. Weddings also have benefited from technology. Here are a couple of ways technology can be used in a wedding:

Drone cameras for cinematography/videography

Drone is one of the craziest things to make the best use of. Wedding photographers and cinematographers use drone cameras to take beautiful aerial shots. Drones can be used in another way as carriers of wedding ring so when the moment of ring exchange comes, a drone lands to hand over the rings.



Security systems and automated doors

Wedding venues in Mosman make use of automated entry doors and inside door using sensors that open and close on detecting a person nearby. Security cameras are placed strategically without affecting the decor of the venue.

LED lighting for decor

WEdding venue interiors can be made attractive with LED lightings and decorations. Use it along the buffet counters, put on LED lights of different colors to catch guest’s attention.

Send virtual invitation

Everyone owns a smartphone now. Save paper and make most attractive virtual wedding invitation.

Create your wedding app

Create an app and inform your guests to download it. The app may include stuff like wedding venue details, roadmap, a reminder about the wedding, links for a live stream of the wedding and other interactive stuff.

Wedding live stream

Arrange LED screens across the venue to let everyone see the live streaming of venue.