Pros And Cons Of Using Travertine Tiles!

Deciding on the most appropriate flooring is a matter of choice. When undergoing home renovation or construction a flooring is one most important aspect to work on. There are a lots of options available be it marble, limestone, hardwood, laminate or travertine. Travertine is one of the oldest building material that is being chosen among most preferred flooring options till now. Some famous pieces of historical architectures such as Burghausen Castle are made entirely of travertine. It marks its relevance in early age roman architecture. Even today it is giving a tough competition to marble when it comes to flooring or wall tiling. Here are a couple of benefits of using travertine for home construction:

  • Price of travertine pavers are cheaper: One of the crucial benefits to be looked at is the price at which it is available in the market. Though the cost of manufacturing travertine tiles are high but it is still available at lower price than the marble.

  • Travertine tiles can be used for a number of purposes: Travertine tiles have multiple applications. It can be used as countertops, or interior flooring. It is popularly used along swimming pools and exterior flooring.

  • Long term durability of travertine tiles:Travertine tiles are durable. This can be acknowledged by the fact that a number of ancient famous structures that are built of travertine are still standing tall and perfect.

  • Travertine tiles are easy to install and replace: Travertine tiles are cut in standard size. They are heavy and easy to install and replace. If any piece breaks just simply remove it with another.

  • There is a large variety available in travertine: Designs and patterns available in travertine are vivid and attractive.

  • Travertine pavers provide traction: It has pores in it. This to some extent has increased traction preventing slippery actions.

  • Travertine tiles tend to be heavy and strong: Travertine tiles are heavy. A lot of effort required to fit it. These are strong as well.

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